The next big trend after Airbnb and Uber?

Up until now, a lot of new cryptocurrencies got developed after Bitcoin. Most coins provide special services and use advanced decentralization methods. One of the main technologies of the cryptocurrency is the Blockchain. (What is a Blockchain?). Blockchain’s are now often used in big companies (Microsoft Azure). Big financial players like Barclay, Visa and more show huge interest in this technology.

A lot of people show their full potential. Latest seen in the successful gravitation wave research of 2 emerging black holes, where genius Einstein ‘s theory was right.

Today we make a checkup to the neck with one of the most promising concepts. This business concept provides a service for data storage over the blockchain. The idea and the concept to store data in the cloud is definitely not new.

Everyone knows and probably uses Dropbox as “THE” Data Storage in the big cloud. But Dropbox has a big disadvantage. It is centralized and uses all power to get more storage to companies and the mainstream. A lot of people do not trust centralized models anymore, especially after the big NAS scandal in 2014. Then why is this concept to store data revolutionary? It is really simple! The decentralization through the blockchain is a big opportunity. Everyone can share their own Data Storage from home with the network. Offer your own free hard disk space to the network and other people can start to upload data in the cloud.

Siacoin, MaidSade and Storjcoin are all in that category. We are really happy to announce and release detailed articles about these three until End of March.

The people’s cloud

  • Buy cryptocurrency to use the Cloud Data Storage
  • Share your own home storage
  • Get paid on this service in cryptocurrency
  • Use cryptocurrency for Cloud Data Storage or buy bitcoins and cash

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