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Community Review #3 Sia reloaded

Cloud storage company Sia might shock its competitors Dropbox, Microsoft and Google Drive in the long term.  Following the trend of Airbnb and Uber, Sia makes an easy and safe way to share decentralised data storage on the Internet. Sia’s main target are enterprise users. As a storage provider, everyone can earn a monthly income by sharing cloud storage. Sia is simply …

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Community Review #1 Lisk is not a great product, it is….

lisk review

Lisk Review! A good product with impressive statistics after launch, a mission to bring blockchain applications to the broad market. Today we want to take a close look into Lisk, the team behind Lisk and more. Lisk Is a german startup company that uses the Crypti code, which has been developed in the last two years as a blockchain application platform. …

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New concept starts “Vote your Favourite”

Today we start with a new concept “Vote your Favourite” Check out Twitter and win the right to choose 1 article!! New "Vote your Favourite" concept starts. Share + like this & win the right to choose 1 article yourself! One Winner pic.twitter.com/yZWGFkHA68 — INVESD (@ProjectInvesd) June 11, 2016 For the new concept we start with four really famous competitors …

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