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Community Review #1 Lisk is not a great product, it is….

lisk review

Lisk Review! A good product with impressive statistics after launch, a mission to bring blockchain applications to the broad market. Today we want to take a close look into Lisk, the team behind Lisk and more. Lisk Is a german startup company that uses the Crypti code, which has been developed in the last two years as a blockchain application platform. …

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Interview Series #6 Siacoin

T oday we have an upcoming star in the blockchain and IoT industry, David Vorick, founder of Siacoin. Siacoin is a company providing revolutionary cloud storage service over the blockchain. Anyone can share their home-based hard drive to earn money. We are really happy to have you here David! Let’s start with a question to get new people quickly into …

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FACTOM’s big deal with Home Security!

      A long time Factom was doing everything behind the scenes. The last months were really quiet. Not a lot of updates on the current development. BUT…. on 17/06/2016 Home Security published a big important news on their website. DHS S&T Awards $199K to Austin Based Factom Inc. for Internet of Things Systems Security On their website of …

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