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Community Review #3 Sia reloaded

Cloud storage company Sia might shock its competitors Dropbox, Microsoft and Google Drive in the long term.  Following the trend of Airbnb and Uber, Sia makes an easy and safe way to share decentralised data storage on the Internet. Sia’s main target are enterprise users. As a storage provider, everyone can earn a monthly income by sharing cloud storage. Sia is simply …

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Interview Series #6 Siacoin

T oday we have an upcoming star in the blockchain and IoT industry, David Vorick, founder of Siacoin. Siacoin is a company providing revolutionary cloud storage service over the blockchain. Anyone can share their home-based hard drive to earn money. We are really happy to have you here David! Let’s start with a question to get new people quickly into …

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How Siatech works! The future of enterprise Cloud Storage?

Siatech & David Vorrick’s superb post about the future of Siatech   Main developer and CEO David Vorick had recently a fantastic post about Siatech. Sia is a network for remotely storing data. Typically called ‘cloud storage’, the core feature is that you can put data on the network and it will be available from anywhere in the world at a …

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