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Interview Series#4 IOTA

Q: Today we publish this Interview to know more about the progress of IOTA. Thanks for having the Interview David, please tell us more about the project IOTA. How is the progress going? IOTA’s progress is going great, we are at the last stages of beta right now (0.9.3) with intensive ongoing testing and subsequent optimization. The Tangle works like it …

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Project Radon’s SmartChain and One-Click Verify

Project Radon is a private blockchain based business. The Project Radon is divided into two major parts, i.e., the Radium cryptocurrency and the SmartChain technology. The Radium blockchain services are accessed through the Radium SmartChain. The goal of Project Radon is to leverage the power of the blockchain in order to provide a series of 100% decentralized services. The SmartChain Client expands …

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