Interview Series #3 LISK

Today we have an interview with Max, CEO of Lisk. Lisk is a new blockchain-based business, allowing you to build DAPPS with JavaScript. At the moment, the project has a support of over 5.7 Million USD in Bitcoins, leaving a lot opportunities in further developments.

Q: Hey Max, can you tell us your vision and goals of Lisk? How will the project & business look like in 5 years?

Hello! We have a lot of great visions for Lisk. One of them is being the world’s first modular cryptocurrency. That means we will implement various features as decentralized applications (dapps) on top of the Lisk core. All Lisk dapps are running in their own sidechain as you may know. This way the mainchain and Lisk itself will remain lean, efficient and small. A unique identity dapp will be one of those new “features as a dapp”. Our long-term goal is to attract the mainstream crowd. I think that in a few years many teenagers and adults will use Lisk technology without even knowing it. Others will have the Lisk mobile client running on their smartphone and using Lisk dapps every day, as an alternative to the “standard apps”.

I also believe that securing sidechains will be a profitable business in the future. Five years is an extremely long timeframe for cryptocurrencies. I think in 5 years you won’t even recognise Lisk if you compare it to today. The mobile and lite client will be made extremely simple so that everyone can easily use it without any problem. The full client will offer a full set of features for developers, delegates and sidechain forgers. The dapp store will be filled with hundreds of awesome dapps, many using functionalities between each other creating an Internet of Blockchains.

Q: So far, the project has been a huge success. The marketing was pretty good and the security level for the ICO is top notch. Do you think marketing and security are the main reasons that the ICO went so positive?

In my opinion it was a combination of many parameters.

1. Our extremely well-thought-out marketing campaign putting us on pages like Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Reddit, and many Bitcoin related news sites.

2. Important partnerships with Microsoft and the Chain of Things Research Lab.

3. An unparalleled professionalism and reputation of our team members.

4. Our easy to use and secure ICO website.

5. Perfect timing with the success of Ethereum and MaidSafe, but at the same time their price “crash” near the end of our ICO.

6. And of course a good portion of skepticism and drama.

Q: All of the funds leave room for further improvements if handled correctly. What is the game plan in 2016 and 2017 to make a great business?

In order to build Lisk into a great business, we need to do everything with the greatest care from the beginning. We will build important partnerships, get the best advisers and go to the biggest conferences. At the same time we will build out the team in order to advance faster. A detailed business plan will be prepared once the network is running.

If we are talking about our development, we are in an extremely good position to make quick progress on the code base. We divide our development plan into 5 sections.

1. Refactoring
2. Security
3. Optimisations
4. Scalability
5. Usability

This makes sure that Lisk runs fast and secure, but also can scale with a bigger demand. That means during the first few months, we will stay within the cryptocurrency, Internet of Things, and JavaScript communities. Once our platform is more progressed, we will look around for other niches. Right now, Lisk is like a rough diamond. It requires more work in order to shine with its full strength.

Q: A lot of people compare it with Ethereum, since both focus on providing DAPPS services. What makes it unique compared to Ethereum?

In comparison to Ethereum, we wants to provide a complete solution for users and developers out of the box. That means an intuitive client for different platforms, a Dapp Store, a SDK for dapp development, and much more. The most unique feature is definitely the sidechains. Every dapp is running on its own blockchain making our system scale much better in long term. Developers can also choose to use Lisk sidechains only as a custom blockchain or decentralized database solution, making Lisk perfect for Internet of Things applications. A big advantage of the platform is that Lisk dapps are directly distributed in the Lisk Dapp Store. With Lisk, users don’t need to access centralized hosted dapp user interfaces anymore. They simply have to install the dapp from our Dapp Store and access the dapp user interface locally. Just like a real application!

Q: Thanks a lot for the interview. Any more words to our community?

You are welcome. Thank you for having me! I want to thank everyone once again. With Lisk we have an enormous opportunity to rough up the cryptocurrency scene. However, this is only possible if we all work together! So spring into action! Go to our forum ( or chat (, discuss ideas with our community members, and execute them! An active community is more powerful than everything else!

LISK DONATIONS WELCOME: 488345695340464030L



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