Interview Series #5 Digibyte

Today we talk with Jared, founder of Digibyte.

Q: Hello Jared, please tell us more about your background. Do you also have a professional background in the gaming industry?

I have been involved with bitcoin and the blockchain since the fall of 2012. Before that I had been working with software, games and code since my mother (computer scientist) first thought me html was I was 9. As a teenager I loved playing video games and diving into the source code behind them

Q: Digibyte launched the second game Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) a  few weeks ago to its platform for beta testing. How is the beta testing going so far?

The CS GO beta has gone great! People have been very exited about it and now are requesting many new games to be added. We are taking time to add new features to the platform to enhance the user experience before adding more games. But we have several more games planned!

Q: The last couple of month you attended several big events and talked about blockchain technology and digibyte. A lot of people were a little bit sad about the non existing coverage of yourself. How has these events been going in your perspective and where you be able to find new partners for the future?

These events have been fantastic for DigiByte. I am still getting caught up with literally hundreds of follow up emails. Over the last few months I would say thousands of new people have had the chance to get their first impression of DigiByte. DigiByte had a very grass roots beginning after all and these kind of things take time to mature. We are talking to several large groups behind the scenes but until we are ready to deliver solid announcements we do not what to sing off a speculative pump and dump.

Q: What exactly is your own goals with the Digibyte project. Where do you see yourself in 1 year?

Our #1 goal is to continue to provide consistent, committed development and new user acquisition through real world use cases. We would like to see 10 million gamers on DigiByte Gaming 1 year from now. We would like to see a 1 Billion dollars worth of international goods being secured in the DigiByte blockchain through DiguSign and we would like to see others begin actively developing on top of the DigiByte blockchain. We also be doing several enhancements to the DigiByte protocol over the next 12 months

Q: How can people help grow DigiByte?

This is a great question! We are looking for DigiByte Ambassadors in every country to be connected on the local level. If you would like to help promote DigiByte in your respective country please reach out and let us know. If you are a developer and would like to work on DigByte projects please reach out as well. We also will be releasing a Digis4Commits platform to help crowd fund additional platforms.

Thanks a lot for this awesome interview. I am happy that you were so open minded and told more about the Digibyte future.  Any last words to the community?

As stated many, many times we are in this for the long haul. We are going on our third year of consistent, committed development. We would like to thank the community for being active and  supporting DigiByte. Especially those who have been there since the beginning! Thanks for doing this interview! Stay tuned for more news, updates and the first DigiByte newsletter! Cheers, Jared


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  1. therealdigibyte

    Digibyte is a scam. Massively pre-mined and has had no core development since they copied Myriadcoin’s multi-algo code.


    • Before you call other’s hard work a scam, tell me what you own and I bet you by your own standards it’s a scam. This platform is run by proffesionals and committed members.

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