FACTOM’s big deal with Home Security!





A long time Factom was doing everything behind the scenes. The last months were really quiet. Not a lot of updates on the current development. BUT…. on 17/06/2016 Home Security published a big important news on their website.

DHS S&T Awards $199K to Austin Based Factom Inc. for Internet of Things Systems Security

On their website of HomeSecurity are these two important messages!

“The start-up community is already developing innovative commercial solutions for IoT, so why not take advantage of that”

“DHS is engaging this community to gain access to products that will have a large impact to our enterprise, and we’re excited by the diversity of solutions this solicitation is able to bring to the Department”


Our opinion

This is a really an important and impressive relationship and trust boost for cryptocurrencies in general and it definitely shows the strengths of data security systems in the current and future economy system. The Dao / Ethereum hack, is showing that! If you did not know about it yet, check it.  — > Here!

Go to the HomeSecurity News! Check it out yourself!


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