Business opportunity – Never run into fake promises!

What might be some fake promises? One popular fake promise is that opportunities promise quick money earning without investing a lot of time and efforts.

Earn “100” or “1000” dollars in a day, or earn “10,000” dollars in a month, they promise.

Some of the opportunities indeed have the chance to earn really good money but…

Promising a certain amount of good income is dangerous. If the person introducing you to the business can’t keep the promise, most people get sad, then leave and search another opportunity.

What is the challenge when checking out new business opportunities?

Checking out

  • the company
  • the people involved
  • past experience of users / products

It is not easy. A lot of times, it looks really promising from the surface, but then might be exactly the opposite from the inside.

Finding a good opportunity needs a lot of…

  • experience
  • time
  • efforts

and a tiny amount of “luck”.

At the right time and right place, finding the right people and opportunity can take lot of time,  even than most people are willing to invest!


Next time: Finding a good opportunity

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