Interview Series #6 Siacoin

T oday we have an upcoming star in the blockchain and IoT industry, David Vorick, founder of Siacoin. Siacoin is a company providing revolutionary cloud storage service over the blockchain. Anyone can share their home-based hard drive to earn money. We are really happy to have you here David! Let’s start with a question to get new people quickly into …

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Interview Series #5 Digibyte

Today we talk with Jared, founder of Digibyte. Q: Hello Jared, please tell us more about your background. Do you also have a professional background in the gaming industry? I have been involved with bitcoin and the blockchain since the fall of 2012. Before that I had been working with software, games and code since my mother (computer scientist) first …

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Interview Series#4 IOTA

Q: Today we publish this Interview to know more about the progress of IOTA. Thanks for having the Interview David, please tell us more about the project IOTA. How is the progress going? IOTA’s progress is going great, we are at the last stages of beta right now (0.9.3) with intensive ongoing testing and subsequent optimization. The Tangle works like it …

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Interview Series #3 LISK

Today we have an interview with Max, CEO of Lisk. Lisk is a new blockchain-based business, allowing you to build DAPPS with JavaScript. At the moment, the project has a support of over 5.7 Million USD in Bitcoins, leaving a lot opportunities in further developments. Q: Hey Max, can you tell us your vision and goals of Lisk? How will the …

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Interview Series #2 Syscoin

Syscoin Interview

Today we have a unique interview with Dan Wasyluk, team lead for Syscoin, a blockchain-based decentralized marketplace platform. Syscoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum that adds the ability to buy and sell items/goods/services directly through the wallet. They have been making amazing advances in the past few months, catching the attention of the entire crypto-community. And us! We decided …

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Interview series #1 NEM

Welcome to the launch Interview series of INVESD Mixmaster. It’s awesome to have you here!   Hey, and thank you for your interest.  Q: NEM is growing rapid these months. Can you tell us more about the project? The idea of NEM exists at least since January 2014. The original idea evolved from a “better crypto currency” to one of …

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